Started way back in 1995, Emotif Recordings went on to establish itself as one of the leading labels in a burgeoning underground Drum n Bass scene for well over a decade. Specialising mainly in the techier, more experimental side of D&B, they released 60 singles and six ground-breaking albums and were instrumental in the establishment and development of the drum & bass scene as we know it today. Over the years, they helped to break major artists such as Shy FX, Grooverider, DJ Trace, Ed-rush, Nico, BLIM, Tonic, Elementz of Noise, Ray Keith, Dom & Roland, Doc Scott, T-Power and L-Double to name but a few.

Alongside DJ Trace they kick-started the 'tech-step' movement with the underground smash 'Mutant re-visited' and the ground breaking album 'Techsteppin'. Their first two albums delivered Drum & Bass that would define a generation of tech-loving junglists while their next two albums saw them cast the net wider, embracing all elements of the scene and documenting a music that has evolved at such an incomprehensible pace, it has at times been difficult to keep track of its developments. Emotif's output over the years is synonymous with forward thinking drum n bass and reads like a timeline of the history of jungle drum & bass, successfully merging all of it's many mutations whilst still retaining the essence of how it all began.

Now, nearly two decades since their first release, the powers that be at Emotif have decided the time is now right to relaunch itself onto an unsuspecting public once more. With a new breed of talented Drum & Bass artists ready to unleash a fresh sound onto a whole new generation of followers, it's set to be business as usual once again at the headquarters of one of the original pioneers of Drum & Bass music... 2013, are you ready to make some noise!!!

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