EMF2CD007: Loggi - Back To The Junle

To coincide with Emotif's 20th anniversary we are proud to present 'Where's The Love Gone', lead single to the album "Back To The Jungle". Produced by Loggi, back in 1995, for Emotif's parent jungle label, SOUR. SOUR released "I Don't Mind" featuring Elisabeth Troy and "Loggi's Life" featuring Viveen Wray as a single in 1995 and 4 other tracks appeared on various SOUR compilations worldwide, SOUR Cream, Junglism, Jungle Fever and the legendary Jungle Mania compilations, before the Album was licensed to London Records for a tidy sum. London records then sent Viveen and Loggi into the deepest darkest depth of the music industry jungle and till this day never released any of the music. Many blue moons later, Loggi managed to find the Bongo Natty river and made his escape back to reality to tell the tale.

Recently he went back on a daring mission to Rescue Viveen and the masters. Amen.

PS The track names have been slightly adjusted to keep the hunting dogs off the scent.

Loggi’s 1995 album 'Back to the Jungle' is finally seeing the light of day, an album that encapsulates the deft, airy sound of 90’s jungle.

'Back to the Jungle' opens with 'Surrender Your Love', setting the mood with stuttering snares and hi-hats, alongside a strong vocal hook from Viveen Wray before flowing into ‘I Don’t Mind (When You Look That Way)' – a track full of choppy, reverb-heavy broken beats underpinning the voice of Elisabeth Troy. My Life lifts things up with classic rave string-effect pads and piano stabs over another well crafted jungle beat.

Hard To Carry On, Shine Your Love On Me and Come and Rescue Me all demonstrate the lightness of touch in 90s jungle with plenty of space to breath. A minimal touch is applied in anything above sub bass and it is on this subterranean plane that the real party takes place on these tracks, with a focus on drums and churning basslines.

More rave piano chords feature on Where’s The Love Gone before a shift in gears sees off the rest of the album. The beat slows right down to an RnB tempo on Remember U and We’ve Got A Quiet Love. The first of these features sweet vocals from Viveen Wray and some jazzy brass, and the latter rounds off the album with an off-kilter break beat.


All tracks written, produced, & mixed down by Ian Lodge at Trinity Studios at Trident II, London, SW1.
All vocals performed by Viveen Wray except track 2, performed by Elisabeth Troy.
Published by Copyright Control.
Illustrations & Design by Mitch.
With special thanks to Norton Blue, Dave Stone & Vini Medley.

P & C 2015 Emotif Recordings


01. Surrender Your Love
02. I Don't Mind (When You Look That Way)
03. My Life
04. Hard To Carry On
05. Shine Your Love On Me
06. Come On And Rescue Me
07. Where’s The Love Gone
08. Remember U
09. We've Got A Quiet Love

Release Date

June 29th 2015


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