EMF2066: Various Artists - Push Play

A load of top names from the world of beats and bass music are donating a track each to a double-CD compilation album in support of a leukaemia charity. The comp has been inspired by the untimely passing of Sonia Akow, a DJ, label A&R and PR associate who was immersed in the scene until she died a year ago.

Sonia was diagnosed with leukaemia in November 2012, and a plea was put out for a bone marrow donor. The beats and bass scene united to stage a benefit gig in March 2013, raising nearly £15,000 for various leukaemia charities, but sadly Sonia lost her fight for life on July 3rd 2013. Many of those involved worked with Sonia during her time promoting underground music in the industry over the past 15 years. All proceeds from the comp go to the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT). The compilation album follows a benefit gig in south London last month, with many of the same artists appearing, plus names like Maxi Jazz from Faithless.

Emotif's Push Play opens up with Jungle legend Ray Keith with his remix of SOTO 'Ghetto Blast Ya', bringing the future thinking but still, classic vibes. The album stays on the Drum & Bass flex with Dubzee's 'Smoking' Ft. Trinity Chris & Demolition Man & Smokesta, D-Region & Code's 'Blinkers' Ft. Cogee. Then, Danny Shutdown (Sonia's long-time friend and workmate) turns in his deep and haunting remix of SOTO's 'Hootenanny'. The next track features 3 undeniable legends. T-Power, Elisabeth Troy & Stamina MC bring their collective talent to 'Blow Out (Part 4). Hellfire Machina & Judith Ude then bring the ethereal D&B vibes with a massive dose of soul on the classy 'Apeture'. Last but not least, D-Region, Sketch & Code turn up to shock it out with Kim Nile & Shadow Bloc on 'Re-Evolution'.


1. Written & Produced by Toby Edwards & Sonia Akow
@ Su Su Studios. London, Vocals written & Performed by Top Cat

2. Written & Produced by B. Abbey @Toronto, Ontario
Vocals written & Performed by Trinity Chris & Demolition Man

3. Written & produced by D.Hudson. T, Marrocco & S. Martinez
@ Westlake & Up in Smoke Studios London, Vocals Written & performed by Colgie Jordine

4. Written & Produced by Toby Edwards & Sonia Akow @ Su Su Studios. London

5. Written & produced by M.Royal, Vocals written & Performed by E Troy & L Reeves.
ET vocals recorded @ Mi7 by Dave Pemperton

6. Written by Williams, Shires & Ude

7. Written & Produced by J. Lelong & S. Martinez
@ Cypher Studios, London Vocals written and performed by Kim Nile

P & C 2014 Emotif Recordings


1. Soto Feat. Top Cat - Ghetto Blaster [Ray Keith Remix]
2. Dubzee feat. Trinity Chris & Demolition Man - Smokin'
3. Smokesta, D-Region & Code feat Cogee - Blinkers
4. Soto - Hootenanny [Shutdown's Missing Sonia Remix]
5. T.Power featuring Elisabeth Troy & Stamina MC - Blow Out [Pt. 4]
6. Hellfire Machina featuring Judith Ude - Aperture
7. D-Region, Sketch & Code featuring Kim Nile & Shadow Bloc - Re-Evolution

Release Date

Aug 25th 2014


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